Back Up! Back Up! Back Up! And Boogie!!

Sorry, my disco days are long over.

I found anouther areticle on backing up your data.  Its interesting that the title only states "For Decades".   The real crux is that we have to keep our date for furture generations but the digital lanscape has and will keep changing rapidly.  To archive for the furture you need to keep furture technologies in mind and migrate when the new technology becomes common.

Ditch the shoebox for a vault: How to preserve your digital life for decades


I took this at the Spring Craft Show for the Sandburg Music Booster. 

Save it for Later

I was looking on the web for more info on saving family history for our future genrations.  And I ran across a part of the Library of Congress web site that was completely dedicated to family history presevation.  I can't tell you how please I was.  In the past I have gone to the LOC site looking for info and what I found was more for professional archavist, very technical.  This information seems very user friendly, but be warned, it is complete..... not just for photographs and digital imags but also for sound recordings, video, websites and email.

Library of Congress - Personal Archiving Site

These is also a downloadable eBook that covers quite a bit.  The link is about halfway donwn on the main site.

Here is a video from the site that can get you started

Why Digital Preservation is Important for You

Don't let your family memories disapear, start by saving the most important images today.

Below is an image of my Grand Father, William Wellington Huggett, who served in the Marine Corp durring The Great War.  He was wounded in the Battle of Bellow Wood.  Follow the link to find out more on this important battle not only for the war but for the Marine Corp as well.


Fa Fa Fashion

A wonderful Saturday ribbon cutting at Funky Fashions in Palos Park across from Sandburg High School.

I love windows and reflections.


It"s Coming!!!

We had an after hours at the Charles Schwab office at Orland Crossing. The topic was on Social Security and it was quite interesting and informative.  I know I have a bit to go, but it was eye opening to see what details I need to think about when it is time.

I love graphic images.. finiding shape and form from ordinary objects.

Morning Snow

My second ambassador meeting and my second snow.... whats up with that?

Ice Cream!!!... Yum!

Orland Park's mayor Dan McGlaughlin gave his state of the village presentation to the Chamber today....... and they had ice cream!!!!

The presentation was quite nice and was choc full of inforation about what coming this year.... should be a good one.


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We had the pleasure of having Pastor Shawn and his family in for one last family portrait before they move.   When we were done I asked Shawn if he would mind sitting for me so I could do an image with the 8x10 view camera.  This is a film process and as it happend I was moving a little too quick for the camera.  Moving from my normal shooting set up to the view camera requires a 6 stop adjustment in my light levels - for those photograhers out there, you know that's a lot of light.  But, as in all creative processes, I have learned to keep my mind open and an interesting image came of it.